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Mount Saint George (Szent György-Hegy) is an ancient and little known volcanic butte in Europe’s Pannon basin. Our estate is found here, just a few kilometers north of Lake Balaton, its roots originating in the 17th century. Mount Saint George is cloaked with vineyards, both old vines and more recenting plantings, ours and many others being cultivated organically. With our vineyards and wine culture, our goal is to authentically preserve and express the unique character of the mountain in our wines.


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"If we are doing it right, ten years from now Mount Saint George will be like it is today, with its ancient vineyards, colourful winemakers, and pleasant venues to taste wine while revelling in the landscape. It’s a unique terroir that must be appreciated and preserved."

- Róbert Gilvesy


It’s no secret that the first time I went to Mount Saint George, I was immediately enchanted. Now, 27 years later, I understood the special whim of fate: and from this realisation our new wine, St. George, has been born.


Mapire: Hungary (1782-1785) - First Military Survey


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GILVESY WINERY 8265 Hegymagas, 028/10 hrsz., Hungary

GILVESY WINERY 8265 Hegymagas, 028/10 hrsz., Hungary

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