Keleti fűszerezésű (chermolula) padlizsán bulgurral és joghurttal.

St. George times four

Our latest wine, the recently debuted St. George, is making a splash. Its first outing from the cellar took the wine to four sommeliers, who are close to our hearts, to seek their professional opinion. And they penned for us what they thought about the wine and Mount St. George, from where it comes.

A new wine on the hill - St. George

It’s no secret that the first time I went to Mount Saint George, I was immediately enchanted. Now, 27 years later, I understood the special whim of fate: and from this realisation our new wine, St. George, has been born.

Here’s Gilvesy Brut Nature

The cork pops and the delicious meals are being prepared. Everyone is at home and the holidays are starting. We couldn’t have asked for a better occasion to taste our first traditional method sparkling wine than this Christmas.

Best of Harvest 2020

Sunshine, beautiful grapes and delicious must. That’s how I can sum up the 2020 harvest.

Summer at Mount Saint George

Green and blue. This is the current view from Mount Saint George, and probably it was the same in the summer of 1680, the year when the Lengyel family laid the first stones of our cellar.

What are you doing this May?

The sourdough is fresh, the onions bite! Keep’n it going on Mount Saint George. Our hard work is spiced with flavours, fragrances, and a bit of culture.